Your Berkeley Dental Experience

New Client Experience
Welcome to our practice! Meet your partners in transforming the dental experience, and achieving your best state of dental wellness. This is our most popular package. It includes:

  • A “Getting to Know You” consultation
  • A full tour of your mouth with a miniature video-camera
  • Any necessary digital images (our technology uses 75 to 90% less radiation)
  • Oral Cancer screening
  • Periodontal evaluation and a gentle, thorough cleaning
  • Hygiene coaching and continuing care recommendations
  • A comprehensive exam with the doctor
  • Treatment plan and consultation

When you walk through our doors, Valerie’s smiling face will greet you! She will check your forms and take you in for a little one on one to get to know you better. Valerie will happily offer you some water or organic tea and get you on your way to meet our back office team