Beauty Wellness Transformation Berkeley Transcendentist®

Imagine a Berkeley Dentist’s Office that embodies the kind of innovative thinking synonymous with Berkeley.
Imagine a dental environment reminiscent of a yoga studio or your best friend’s living room — a dental wellness spa designed for your comfort.
Imagine experiencing eco-dentistry™, the pioneering approach that values the planet and your well-being.
Imagine receiving a healing foot massage and listening to meditative music while your teeth are lovingly cleaned.
Imagine seeing your smile miraculously transformed with leading edge techniques, mercury-free, natural-looking materials, and artist-quality restorations.
This is not a dream: we are Transcendentist® and Drs. Praj and Dr. Ruhi.
We’d love to share this experience with you…

Beauty - Transcenddentist Berkeley

Your smile. It lights up a room. Discover the Berkeley dental office committed to keeping your smile naturally bright!

Wellness - Transcendentist Berkeley

Caring for your oral health is the key to caring for your overall well-being. We’re mercury-free, use digital imaging, and biocompatible materials.

Transformation - Transcendentist Berkeley

We share your environmental commitment!  As the country’s first green dental office, you can count on us to be both high-tech and high-touch.