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Using teeth whitening to create a whiter smile is one of the easiest and most affordable ways to enhance your appearance. Most people experience teeth discoloration over the years as a result of aging, smoking, or staining from food and drink. White teeth and bright smiles are rare as we get older, which is why whitened teeth are so remarkable and attractive. Based on the reason for your discoloration and the condition of your teeth, different methods of teeth whitening will have different results. At Transcendentist, cosmetic dentists Dr. Ruhi Sangha, and Dr. Prajakta Kamat offer three types of whitening to best address your unique needs. After a personal consultation, one of our Berkeley cosmetic dentists will help you choose the teeth whitening method that will help you achieve the perfect shade and the brilliant smile you want.

Your Teeth Whitening Choices

Out Transcendentist cosmetic dentists use three techniques to achieve the best teeth whitening results: in-office whitening, take-home pre-fabricated whitening trays, and take-home customized whitening trays.

The in-office teeth whitening treatment delivers the most dramatic results. Berkeley cosmetic dentists Dr. Ruhi Sangha, and Dr. Prajakta Kamat recommend this type of teeth whitening treatment for patients with darker, more extensive staining. In a simple office visit at Transcendentist, we will use a special light and teeth whitening gel to move the stain from your teeth. This in-office teeth whitening treatment also produces the fastest results. Our take-home teeth whitening trays produce noticeable results, though less intense and not as quickly as in-office treatment. Take-home teeth whitening is a good option if you prefer a gradual change to a brighter smile.

Our Berkeley cosmetic dentists are extensively trained in the following teeth whitening treatment options:

Sinsational Smile
Zoom Teeth Whitening

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