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Dr. Praj and Dr. Ruhi’s office is mercury free (amalgam/silver filling-free) and mercury safe, and they are dedicated to the practice of health-based dentistry. Their mission is to share information about holistic and dental wellness with our patients, so that patients can make informed, educated choices about their dental health in the healthiest, friendliest, and most caring environment possible. Our dentists fully understand and appreciate the critically important relationship of oral to overall health and realize that; “You cannot be truly healthy without good oral health!”

Dr. Praj and Dr. Ruhi’s approach to dental treatment transcends the normal dental experience. Imagine entering a dental environment like no other: A wellness spa designed for your comfort and the first eco-friendly dental office in the country. Imagine receiving a healing foot massage and listening to meditative music while your teeth are lovingly cleaned. Imagine seeing your smile miraculously transformed with state-of-the-art techniques, biocompatible materials, and hand-made restorations. At our office, experiencing this is not a dream, it is reality.

Safe Amalgam/Silver Filling Removal Protocols
As your Oral Health Doctors, Dr. Praj and Dr. Ruhi are aware that mercury vapor, dental infections, and TMJ (bite) problems can have a negative impact on oral and overall health. Because of these concerns, we focus on patient education and strive to remove mercury amalgam (silver) fillings in a safe way.

To accomplish this, we utilize safe & proven removal protocols based on recommendations of the International Academy of Oral Medicine and Toxicology (IAOMT) and other prominent biological and holistic dental organizations. For more information about why we use safe protocols to remove amalgam fillings and an explanation of what they are, Click Here.

Holistic Dentistry
Holistic Dentistry is a philosophy that recognizes that the teeth and associated oral structures are a part of the whole body. Because of this important relationship, we offer a wide range of treatment options. Dr. Praj and Dr. Ruhi also take a unique, whole body, approach to oral health care; combining sound dental science, modern technology, and years of experience with a deep concern for their patients’ physical health and emotional well-being and comfort.

Mercury-Free and Mercury-Safe: What’s in a Name?
Strictly speaking, the term “mercury-free” refers to dentists who do not put amalgam fillings in their patients’ teeth. But over time, the term “mercury-free” was also used by those dentists who not only didn’t put mercury amalgam fillings into their patients teeth but those who also safely removed them.

However, mercury-free really isn’t an accurate description because as long as dentists still remove amalgam fillings, their offices technically aren’t “mercury-free.” Therefore, mercury-safe is a more accurate description of those who not only don’t put amalgam fillings in, but also remove them as safely as possible. Thus, more and more mercury-free dentists, who also use safe amalgam removal protocols, now use the term “mercury-safe” to describe themselves.

Today it’s even more important for dental patients to know the difference between a mercury-free and mercury-safe dentist. In 2008, for the first time, over 50% of general dentists no longer use amalgam, primarily because it simply isn’t a good filling when compared to the newer composites. But because they no longer use mercury amalgam fillings, these dentists are now promoting their practices as being “mercury-free”.

However, that doesn’t mean that they believe mercury fillings are a health hazard, or will use established and safe removal protocols to protect you from excessive occupational exposure to mercury during amalgam removal. Bottom line . . . you can’t assume that a dentist who advertises his or her practice as being “mercury-free”, is also “mercury-safe”! You must take the responsibility to specifically ask if they are also mercury-safe.

The Difference between a Mercury-Safe and a Pro-Amalgam Dentist
By the third year of dental school, every dental student knows how to remove and replace amalgam fillings. In private practice, every pro-amalgam dentist removes and replaces old amalgam fillings with new amalgams many times a day. Removing amalgams without using a safe protocol is a simple and quick process. What really separates mercury-safe dentists from a pro-amalgam dentists is that mercury-safe dentists know that:

Unsafe removal of amalgam releases unnecessary and excessive amounts of toxic mercury vapor. The amount of mercury released is far in excess of what is allowed by every government regulatory agency. The mercury vapor released is harmful to the health of everyone exposed to it. If a mercury separator isn’t used unsafe levels of mercury are released into the wastewater and environment. In addition, mercury-safe dentists have the training, experience, skills and specialized equipment necessary to make their practices as mercury-safe as possible.

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