Periodontitis Berkeley

Periodontitis is a collection of inflammatory diseases affecting the tissues that surround and support the teeth. It involves progressive loss of the bone around teeth which may lead to loosening and eventual loss of teeth if untreated. New scientific information is increasingly finding an “oral-systemic link” showing that our oral health plays a role in our total well-being.

There is no cure, but periodontitis is treatable with a proper program of dental hygiene.

We’ve all experienced a swollen spot on our gums or a little blood after brushing or flossing our teeth, and just swished with water and forgot about it. What we didn’t understand is that those seemingly insignificant signs were our body’s way of telling us that we have gum disease, or periodontitis.

This infection, caused by germs growing under the gums and on the tooth roots, affects at least 90% of adults. These germs enter our blood stream through the highly receptive oral tissue, compromising our teeth and bones, and our total wellness. New research links periodontitis with serious systemic health problems including heart disease, diabetes, arthritis, cancer, immune system health and other disorders; we now know that the bacteria that cause gum disease are bio-identical to the bacteria that cause heart disease.

At Transcendentist®, we’ve always seen the mouth as the gateway to total health. Given the recent scientific studies linking periodontal disease directly to life-threatening conditions, our approach and our services help you understand the warning signs, and to take action to help bring your body into balance.

You’ll hear us talk with urgency about periodontal health. We’ll chart the health of your gums with every hygiene visit, create a customized oral hygiene program for YOU, and give you extra coaching about what you can do at home to address this disease. And you’ll hear us talk about the leading edge technologies we’re now using, like lasers that use light energy to painlessly kill bacteria in the gum pockets, and site-specific, anti-bacterial Arestin® therapy.

  • You have 500 species of bacteria in your mouth!
  • Gum disease has supplanted tooth decay as the most common cause of tooth loss in adults.
  • Periodontal disease may play a role in systemic health issues
  • Treatment of periodontal disease in diabetics significantly reduced the patient’s blood-sugar levels
  • Out-of-control inflammation associated with periodontal disease may be the engine driving chronic illnesses such as cancer and heart disease

The Transcendentist® Approach

The symptoms of gum disease (periodontitis) are subtle, so it is important to have the support and coaching of a hygienist who is knowledgeable and trained in its treatment. We have added extensive training for our staff, and are emphasizing the use of new technologies and personalized coaching to support you in addressing this disease. When you come see us, we will do extensive screening for periodontal disease, and design a custom hygiene program, specific to your needs.

Addressing the Disease

Laser Therapy
Transcendentist is one of the only about 5% of dental offices in the country that are laser certified. Laser therapy harnesses the power of light energy, and has proven to be amazingly effective in the management of periodontal disease. And, it’s painless!

Lasers kill bacteria directly in the gums, virtually painlessly. Given recent scientific evidence of the relationship between periodontal disease and chronic systemic diseases such as diabetes and heart disease, we are dedicated to helping you achieve optimal total wellness through a pro-active approach. For more information about periodontal disease and our whole body approach, click here.

We use lasers to treat gum disease and sculpt gum tissue. Lasers harness and focus light energy, which allows us to precisely target the areas needing attention, while leaving surrounding areas unaffected. Our clients report decreased sensitivity and less bleeding than with conventional methods, as well as outstanding aesthetic results. Treating gum disease with lasers is non-surgical, and kills the bacteria that cause gum disease. We are excited that the FDA has approved the use of lasers in dentistry.

Some dentists will recommend a systemic antibiotic program for periodontal disease. While this may be appropriate in severe cases, we prefer a more direct approach. Arestin® is an antibacterial applied directly to the affected area. We have reorganized our Arestin® treatment program to complement laser therapy, maximizing the results of both approaches.

Ongoing Wellness Practice and Results

See the results of your dedication to your oral health in a follow-up consultation with our hygienist to review your “report card” of progress. More home-care coaching, and a customized professional hygiene program. Included in your periodontal treatment program!